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Psychologist Session

Finding a therapist can be an overwhelming process. The Columbia Counseling Collective is dedicated to helping clients find a therapist who is a great fit. We want you to achieve your therapeutic goals and feel cared for and supported. Check out our member database or reach out to see which counselors are accepting new clients.

Welcome to the Columbia Counseling Collective,
we’re glad to see you!


Why choose a collective member to be your Therapist?

We strive to encourage an environment of work-life balance amongst collective members. We believe that therapists provide superior services when they are well rested, take care of themselves, and have fun outside of work.

The Collective provides its members with regular professional development events and encourages members to engage in continuous growth as clinicians. When you choose a collective member as your new therapist, you will be receiving therapy from an up-to-date and well trained professional.

Our Columbia Counseling Collective office is centrally located in downtown Columbia, convenient to UofSC and the Main Street areas. Many of our collective members also offer the convenience of telehealth appointments.

The Columbia Counseling Collective is dedicated to developing a community of competent and well trained therapists who are interested in personal and professional growth. As a client, you will have access to our simplified member directory. Our directory will allow you to easily identify therapists who may be a good fit for you.

Community of Therapists

Well Trained Professionals

Work-Life Balance

Centrally Located

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