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Columbia Counseling Collective, LLC is a different kind of  coworking space.

Elizabeth and Madeline started CCC when they noticed many counselors were overworked, underpaid, and just plain burnt out. At CCC we care about disrupting the status quo because happy therapists provide better therapy to their clients.

Therapists who own their practices have more control in regards to work-life balance, finances, and their professional environment…. Leading to happier therapists providing better therapy!

Unfortunately, starting a private practice is often inaccessible due to financial barriers and lack of support. That’s why the Columbia Counseling Collective wants to shake things up and make shared office space accessible and  inviting for those in private practice. 

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When people are able to make choices and have control over their environment, they’re allowed space to be creative and grow.

Everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and uplifted. The collective strives to provide support and create a network of interdependence. 

Humans are social beings and deserve acceptance and support from others. Humankind creates beautiful things when we have each other and work together. 

The collective offers endless opportunities for growth and personal development. We want to remove barriers so you can grow into a life that suits your needs.

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